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MyVT is a new and innovative platform designed to help connect passionate, world class fitness instructors with clients all over the world. No matter your location, you can now find specialist trainers for every popular sport and activity, through to niche martial arts and fitness disciplines.

MyVT is completely free to join with no commitments and anybody can jump straight into any workout, whether you have 5 minutes or 50, your next workout is never futher than the touch of a button.

All workouts are done via built in HD video calling, no need for any expensive equipment to setup in order take part, just a smartphone, tablet or laptop and you're good to go!

Train with world class instructors from the comfort of your own home

Access 1000's of workouts from 1000's of trainers across the globe, offering sessions for everything from popular sports and fitness activities through to specialist and niche disiplines.
No start up fees, commitments or equipment required! MyVT is free to sign up and requires nothing but a smartphone or laptop to get training.
Sessions for everybody! From complete novice to advanced training, MyVT has it all.
World class trainers in every field and a thorough review system to help you confidently choose your next workout.
Always stay ahead of the competition with 121 coaching with the some of the best instructors around the world! Miss that class feeling? Jump into a group session to replicate that class feel at home.
Always find a session to fit your schedule no matter the time of day with instructors working 24 hours around the clock!

Types of live workouts

121 Session

For when you're after a little more focus and attention, book a 121 session with just you and your instructor. Work closely with instructors from all over the world and get on the path to smashing your goals today!

Group Session

Looking for that gym class feel? With a group session, the instructor can see all participants, alongside being able to see eachother, replicating that feeling of being in a busy gym class from the comfort of your own home!

Livestream workout

For when you want to follow along with no one watching, you will have a HD video stream of the instructor so you can follow from home, without anyone seeing what you are doing.

Types downloadable content

Instant access workouts

For when you dont have time for a live workout, jump into an Instant Access Workout you can download and take offline! Follow along and workout with expert instructors around the world!

Meal plans

Everyone has heard the old saying abs are built in the kitchen, so why not put that into practise and download expertly crafted Meal Plans built by qualified nutritionalists from around the globe.